About Marie Lane


Throughout my life, I have experienced encounters with spirits and other beings. Although I do not call on spirits in my Tarot readings, the same intuition that set the stage for these experiences provides the foundation of my Tarot practice. After moving to New Orleans, a magical city in many ways, I began studying Tarot. In the cards, I found an outlet for my intuition and empathetic understanding of others. I have read Tarot for a wide variety of people from across the world through Biddy Tarot, an online Tarot community. Additionally, I have done live readings for clients across the United States. I look forward to reaching even more people through this website!


While Tarot can't fix problems for us or predict the future in detail, I believe it can provide us insight into ourselves and our relationships, giving us tools for empowerment and change in our lives. In readings, Tarot does not give “yes” or “no” answers or specific timelines for events. Instead Tarot helps us figure out exactly what it is we want and how to get it. This can include adjustments in our attitudes towards ourselves and others. Of course, not all circumstances are within our control! But we can control how we respond to people and events. Tarot can help us do that productively.