Reducing Static: Finding Simplicity with the Tarot

    From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we are bombarded by media, family, coworkers, the sounds of traffic, the sights and smells of our commutes. All of this amounts to a kind of mental static that makes it difficult to still our minds let alone focus on a single thought without others interrupting. I am guilty of garaging myself with articles and Pinterest boards about simplifying my life - with planners, better storage solutions, what have you. The real irony is that this becomes part of the mental static.

    When I asked myself when I am able to achieve the greatest stillness, I realized that typically I do so through Tarot. So why not use the Tarot to come up with a strategy to deal with all that messy psychic energy? I devised the following four-card spread in an attempt to do just that. 

Question 1: What is essential?

Card: Father of Swords

    The Tarot won’t let me forget I’m in grad school! I’m working on my dissertation, and right now it’s essential that I develop my ideas and communicate them clearly in my writing. I must be able to do so with knowledge and authority. This is also an important time to keep the lines of communication open with my advisor.

Question 2: How do I reduce the static?

Card: 9 of Swords

    I’m coming to see that my sometimes obsessive insecurities about the future are causing me to trip over my own feet metaphorically speaking. Although I need to plan for my future, to finish the task at hand I need to reject my fears. By consciously identifying negative thought patterns and having the courage to let them go, I can clear away a lot of the bad energy around my work. 

Question 3: On what resources can I draw for support?

Card: Ace of Staves reversed

    Ok, I’ll admit this one threw me a little at first. Once I took a moment to think it through, though, I saw that the Tarot is not telling me that I lack creative ideas. Rather it is encouraging me to be patient. This work I’ve undertaken is time-consuming and difficult. If I remain patient, diligent, and self-aware, I can succeed. It will also help if I periodically remind myself why I’m doing it in the first place.

Question 4: What is an achievable first step?

Card: 3 of Staves

    This card reflects that my dissertation is underway. In terms of a concrete action to take, since this card typically refers to foresight, I believe the Tarot is advising me to make a very detailed, realistic schedule for the next six months. 

    I really enjoy this spread. It’s a good reminder that it’s easy to blame the outside world for a lack of progress towards a goal, but ultimately, my mental static is mostly due to my own anxieties. The good news is that they are totally manageable now that I’ve identified them.

    Are you trying to cut through the static to achieve a goal? Contact me for a reading, and I can help you take life by the reins!


Note on the deck: I used the Wild Unknown Tarot for this spread because the evocative imagery is useful for intuiting the answers to open-ended questions.