What To Do with Your New Year Reading

    It’s that time of year! Folks are getting their readings to see what the year ahead holds. The New Year reading is actually my favorite to do. It’s so rich in detail and advice. Plus being such a big spread (I use 15 cards), it can speak to a variety of issues in one’s life. Check out the example below! Instead of walking you through a New Year reading step by step, I thought it would be helpful to talk about what to do with the reading once you have it. Once a Tarot reader hands you this huge amount of information, what should you do with it? 

    The first - and perhaps most important - thing to keep in mind is that Tarot doesn’t tell you a future that’s written in stone. It shows you what trajectory you’re putting yourself on through your attitudes and actions. For example, the reading below shows that over the course of this year, the client will have trouble moving forward with a project related to her career.* However, this is not a reason to give up! Armed with this reading, she can see why it’s having trouble getting off the ground. Her energies and resources are being diverted elsewhere for a few months, and this makes it difficult for her to plan her project with the necessary care. 

    Moreover, this reading gives her ideas as to whom she can turn in her efforts to change the course of this project. The King of Swords is someone who doesn’t mince words. He gives sound, straightforward feedback that can help her mover her project in a more productive direction. The New Year reading gives us a richer sense of the resources that we may not see are already at hand. Perhaps there’s a person in your life already or someone who will enter into the picture who can help you on your path. The resources may also be internal. We are usually stronger than we know. Internal transformations, such as those indicated by the Moon in this reading, have profound ramifications for our external pursuits. 

    So if you get a New Year reading (which hopefully you will!), don’t let a reversed or “scary” card leave you feeling helpless. Use the rich advice the Tarot provides to put yourself on a path of your choosing. We can’t always control the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but far more often than not, we author our own futures. That’s why Tarot is such an empowering tool.

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*This reading touches on many other aspects of the client’s life, particularly romantic relationships, but I’m focusing on the career-related issues for examples in this blog post.