Grounded December Spread

The new year approaches! While some folks are already looking to 2018, I find myself in my usual reflections on the closing year. What did I accomplish? Was it enough? Am I ready to move into the next year?

Of course, December is a turbulent time for many of us anyway. Winter holidays and changes to our diets, sleep schedules, and routines make emotional balance all the more difficult to maintain. In hopes of abating the December blues and getting some perspective, I’ve created the Grounded December Spread. I recommend doing this one in a quiet space with some cinnamon tea. Enjoy!

See example reading below.

See example reading below.

the Wild Unknown Tarot

the Wild Unknown Tarot


1.     What to release from this past season
10 of Pentacles reversed

It’s time to stop obsessing over saving every penny. At least, it’s time to recognize that our family has enough on the material plane to get through the holidays comfortably.

2.     What to retain from this past season
5 of Cups

An interesting card for this position! I’ve been restless to do creative work. I shouldn’t suppress that, especially considering how hard it will be to find time to create in the midst of the holidays.

3.     Challenges that will arise this December

It will feel hard to be optimistic and confident about my creative work, especially my writing. There will be obstacles that make me question whether I ought to bother.

4.     Resources to draw on in dealing with those challenges
7 of Cups

Remember this is all about the mindset I choose. At this juncture, if I take a pessimistic outlook, I’ll fail. If I adopt a mindset of confidence and abundance, I’m just as capable of thriving.

5.     How to stay balanced
Tower reversed

This rough patch is far from the end of the world. Everything seems more dramatic than it is. Breathe. Keep the big picture in mind.

6.     Opportunities to look for
Wheel of Fortune reversed

An unexpected end or streak of bad luck may be a new beginning. When feeling overwhelmed, I should ask myself: How can I grow from this?

7.     Advice
7 of Swords

This is a time of emotional vulnerability. I will be tempted to go on the defensive. I need to be careful with my words. I also need to be honest with myself and stay grounded.

I feel better already! Want to take life by the reins this December? Request a reading here.