Mindset Mover Tarot Spread

Everyone has dreams. Everyone wants something big and beautiful for their lives. Everyone has run-ins with their ego, or subconscious, that get in the way of these big, beautiful dreams. Over the course of your life, your subconscious absorbs all kinds of messages about who you are, what you’re capable of, what you deserve. Not all of these messages are positive or true. Perhaps the hardest part of taking life by the reins is identifying the mindsets with which you didn’t realize you were limiting yourself. My new Mindset Mover Tarot Spread is a tool to help you do just that!

Due to the nature of the questions, expect lots of Swords, Cups, and Major Arcana when you do this spread. Check out the spread in action for Jessica, an aspiring writer.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 12.31.45 PM.png

The draw:


1)    In what area of my life am I limiting myself with my mindset?

Jessica has difficulty with major life changes, especially when she feels that one phase of her life is ending. For example, when Jessica changes jobs, she tends to let emotional baggage from her previous position shape her behaviors and expectations at her new job. Sometimes old chapters of our lives ought to be made into fertilizer for the soil of a new phase of abundance.

2)    What past experience influences me?

In the past, Jessica has had to look at herself with painful honesty. What she found did not always make her feel good about herself. Although she learned from these moments, she is hesitant to do it again. This is makes letting go of the old to make room for the new difficult.

3)    What effects does my mindset have?
Knight of Cups reversed

Not surprisingly, Jessica’s mindset can make her unreasonable and missish, to use an under-appreciated word. She indulges in too many fantasies about worst-case scenarios as her subconscious tries to sabotage her conscious efforts towards her goals.

4)    How do other people affect me?
Queen of Cups

Fortunately, Jessica has some supremely supportive people in her life. They provide emotional stability and also believe in her capacity to nurture her creativity to achieve her goals. It’s easier to believe bad than good things about ourselves, so having loyal cheerleaders in our corner can make a big difference on our journey to self-empowerment.

5)    What can I do to change my mindset?
Chariot reversed

This card calls for a roadmap. The most important change Jessica can make to her mindset is to take the time to be sensitive to her own capability but also the negative self-talk that can sidetrack her. To get on the straight and narrow, Jessica must evaluate her subconscious (good time for a reading!) and develop a strategy for staying on track. It’s easy to believe in yourself when things are going smoothly, but what will she do in stressful situations? The affirmation below will help with this.

6)    What is possible if I make this change?
3 of Cups

Taking these actions will lead to enriched relationships, increased creativity, and reasons to celebrate! Sounds worth the hard work.

7)    Affirmation
The Tower

I welcome change. I am strong, resourceful, and capable of flourishing in the face of change.