Weekly Tarot: May 21, 2018

Happy Monday! I hope you're ready. This is a week for self-examinations and big truths. 

Deck: Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck: Wild Unknown Tarot

Challenge - Justice

This card asks us to be honest and fair. While it can refer to relationships, it often asks us to be open to the truths we discover within ourselves. If you are dissatisfied with something or have a big decision to make, ask yourself: Have I created this situation? What would really serve me best? Is my mindset a help or a hindrance?  

Opportunity - Daughter of Swords (Page)

Ideas and communication bring enthusiasm this week. Embrace that drive. This card has a youthful energy, and you may find yourself either embodying that curiosity or working closely with someone who does. This enthusiasm will carry you farthest when balanced with wisdom. What is it the Justice card wants you to see? These two cards (both air cards) are intertwined this week. 

Advice - Lovers reversed

While you're figuring out the truths the Justice card denotes, know that even if they're tough to stomach, they're necessary for righting an imbalance within. Perhaps you've been feeling out of sync in a relationship. More likely, you've been out of step with your dreams. Justice is the key. It will help you see the difference between your current perception and the actuality of the situation. What can you do to empower yourself?