Weekly Tarot: May 28, 2018

A week to work outside the public eye to manifest your goals. New opportunities abound - if you're open to them.

Deck: Radiant Rider Waite

Deck: Radiant Rider Waite

Challenge - 6 of Wands reversed

This week you may feel like no one is noticing your hard work. Perhaps you expect some reward or praise that you're not getting. 

Opportunity - Ace of Pentacles reversed

If you're hung up on the recognition that you're not getting, you're closing yourself off to a new opportunity. Something is coming your way. You have to be open to it coming from an unexpected source.

Advice - World

The universe has your back. Trust its abundance. Trust that you are coming to the completion of a cycle that will address your feelings of being passed over. It's a good time to consider what lessons you've learned along these lines. Integrate those positive mindsets into your approach to the week. 

Lagniappe mantra - Ace of Wands

"I am open to the universe putting me on a new path. I trust that it will bring me fulfillment and abundance."