Herbal Remedies for Anxiety: Lemon Balm

Sometimes developing a relationship with a plant takes time. It takes tasting, smelling, journaling, infusing, tincturing, to get to know who a plant really is. Other times, like meeting a soul friend, the connection is strong and immediate. For me, this is lemon balm.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is in the mint family and thrives in similar conditions to peppermint. It’s a nervine with an affinity for the heart. This means it supports healthy functioning of the nervous system. For people whose hearts race when they get nervous, lemon balm is a powerful tool. It actually slows down a rapid heartrate and fosters a sense of emotional balance. I cannot recommend this enough for people with anxiety-related sleep troubles.

This hardy beauty thrives even in full sun in New Orleans (Zone 8). 

This hardy beauty thrives even in full sun in New Orleans (Zone 8). 

Lemon balm is a tasty tea on its own. I’ve blended it with raspberry leaves and damiana depending on the purpose. Recently, I tried this take on Rosemary Gladstar’s Headache Cure from Medicinal Herbs. (Note that you should always consider the cause of a symptom before selecting an herb. This recipe works best for headaches caused by excess heat agitation.)

1 part lemon balm

1 part basil

¼ part lavender

Steep for at least 20 minutes. Strain and sip slowly while warm or room temperature. I recommend drinking 2-3 cups over the course of a few hours. I could not believe how fast my headache dissipated!

Are you a lemon balm lover? Or curious to know more? Post your questions and comments below!

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