Weekly Tarot - Communication and Emotional Balance: June 11, 2018

Communication is key this week. Rise above petty feelings to move forward with your goals.

Deck: Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

Deck: Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

Challenge - Knight of Cups reversed

So you're kind of in your feelings this week. That's ok - as long as you don't act on them when you know better. Unrealistic expectations may make you moody. When those indignant feelings start taking over, ask yourself if you're being realistic and fair? Again, it's ok to have these feelings as long as we train ourselves to analyze them before acting. Petty isn't pretty.

Opportunity - 7 of Swords

You have an opportunity to get something you've been wanting this week. You may be tempted to do it by deception, or at least by manipulating other people with your words. That won't work. Be strategic, but be honest. 

Advice - 2 of Wands reversed

If you've spent a while trying to pick a path forward, you've reached a point when you need to act. You're putting off inevitable change now. You have all the information you're going to get at this point. Time to start moving forward.

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