Weekly Tarot - Mastering Mindset: June 25, 2018

This week we take a new approach to the Weekly Tarot. My beloved Arcana of Astrology deck found its way back to me last week, and I decided to honor it by making it the center of this week’s drawing. This deck doesn’t mess around!

Decks: Arcana of Astrology, Goddess Tarot

Decks: Arcana of Astrology, Goddess Tarot

Energy surrounding the week: Jupiter

This planet is known as the Philosopher. The most common word used to describe it is “expansive.” Be aware of where you look for wisdom and understanding this week. Where are you finding meaning? Success?

These questions aren’t so straightforward. If you want to dive deeper, consider where Jupiter is on your birth chart. For me, it’s in Pisces, meaning I depend on dreams, creativity, and empathy for meaning. I find success through relationships. Even if you don’t know your chart, you can ask, “How do I define my value? Through what lens do I interpret the world?” Your week will focus heavily on these issues.

How to make this week a success: King of Swords reversed and the Devil

Of course, the Tarot comes in with curve balls. At first glance, this looks like a person who is dominated by their desires to the point that they’ll say and do ugly things. If you’ve ever known someone in the depths of addiction, you’ve seen them lie compulsively to get their fix or deny they have a problem.

Jupiter may  not necessarily be calling you to bring its philosophical light to bear on such a dire issue. However, you are called to mindfulness. Whenever negative thoughts creep into your mind or lies fly out of y9our mouth, take note. What deeper issue is this symptomatic of? To what impulse or mindset have you been relinquishing control? And why?

Does this resonate with you? What wisdom is Jupiter bringing you this week? Tell me in the comments below!