Herbal Remedies | Memory Aid : Rosemary

“I love you for sentimental reasons” – Nat King Cole

Maybe this is a weird song to associate with a plant, but for me, this is rosemary 100 percent! Growing up, my family would save up money to visit my grandmother in Tucson, Arizona, every two or three years. Grandma’s house was an almost mythical place to a kid used to forests and rivers rather than saguaros and javelinas. She filled every inch with objects from her travels. The part that sticks out most is the rosemary hedge that surrounded her house along three sides. The aroma permeated the yard and crept in open windows. Later, I understood intuitively why rosemary is associated with remembrance.

So how can rosemary enrich our lives through medicine and magic?

Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) thrives in many harsh climates, including the subtropics of New Orleans.

Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) thrives in many harsh climates, including the subtropics of New Orleans.

Actions and Affinities

Rosemary does SO many things inside and outside our bodies. This pungent herb finds its way into our food, especially fatty dishes, because it’s a carminative that stimulates healthy digestion. It also promotes circulation, having an affinity for the brain. This spring I made a batch of Rosemary Gladstar’s Brain Tonic Tincture. The spicy tincture contains ginko leaf, gotu kola, peppermint, and rosemary. I admit I was skeptical when I put this on the shelf to macerate. At the end of my four-week course, I was so grateful that I tried it anyway. I could feel the change in mental acuity. My short-term memory especially improved.

Ritual Applications

A fire herb ruled by the Sun, rosemary can bring heat to a situation. It’s a protective heat, though, that purifies rather than burns. Rosemary can be used in a sachet for memory or burned to cleanse a space. I like to sweep ritual spaces with sprigs of fresh rosemary from my garden. The aromatic oils raise vibrations. They also create a sense of safety and quiet optimism.

What’s your favorite way to use rosemary? Tell me in the comments!

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