Weekly Tarot - Intuition and Charity: July 16, 2018

This week asks you to consider carefully and give generously. This may feel like a sacrifice at first, but the universe remembers your kindness.

Decks : Arcana of Astrology, Wild Unknown Tarot

Decks: Arcana of Astrology, Wild Unknown Tarot

Energy Surrounding the Week: Virgo

My life is full of Virgos. This sign is known for its creativity and meticulous analysis of, well, everything. This week will require some heavy thinking to know which choices are right for you. Be neutral in separating feelings from facts, but don't run away with this energy and overthink everything. Instead, channel Virgo to solve problems creatively.

How to Make the Week Successful: 6 of Pentacles and 9 of Cups reversed

The Earth element shows up twice in this week's draw - in Virgo and the Pentacles. This energy is very grounding. Embrace that to make good choices for yourself and others. You have a lot to give (not just money but talents and time). This week you may be called to be generous with others. At first, you may feel like you're sacrificing something you wanted. You may be helping grandma run errands instead of cuddling with your boo, for example. But the universe remembers that generosity. Wishes delayed are not wishes denied. Use that good Virgo sense to decide where you're really needed this week. In time, that generosity will be repaid.