Weekly Tarot - Passivity and Personal Power: July 30, 2018

Personal power looks different than we expect this week.

Decks: Wild Unknown Tarot, Arcana of Astrology

Decks: Wild Unknown Tarot, Arcana of Astrology

Energy surrounding the week: Aries reversed
Aries denotes aggression. With this reversal, we may feel prone to brazenness and brash words. It's important to stay grounded this week. Although you may feel all fired up, the real work needs to be done inside. Don't push too hard against others despite the temptation.

How to make this week successful: Magician and 7 of Swords reversed
The Magician makes an appearance for the second week in a row! This time he's paired with the unexpected 7 of Swords reversed. You may feel defensive and suspicious of others' motives. Perhaps it feels like people aren't giving you what you need to be successful - whether it be resources or just some breathing room. Additionally, you may grow resentful because you feel you deserve these things. Take a breath and know that everything you need are within you. The Magician already has everything he needs without turning to anyone else. Resist the urge to push back when people say "no" this week. Focus on what you have control over, and you'll be shocked at just how much you can achieve.