Weekly Tarot - Spiritual Freedom and Innovation: July 9, 2018

There is a sense this week that if you can break the chains that bind, you can fly forward! You're not wrong. 

Decks: Arcana of Astrology, Wild Unknown Tarot

Decks: Arcana of Astrology, Wild Unknown Tarot

Energy Surrounding the Week: Uranus

Uranus represents freedom and forward motion. Because it bucks tradition, Uranus brings innovation on a societal scale. It also spurs individual transformation. Deep, intuitive listening is required here. This week could be a game changer. So how do you make sure that happens?

How to Make This Week a Success: Chariot and the Devil reversed

The Chariot brings determination to push ahead on your path. This isn't about small-scale goals; it's about the big stuff, especially careers and passion projects. You've reached a point where you're ready for positive changes. You know yourself well enough at this point to realize that you have to make the changes happen. They're not just going to fall into place. The Devil reversed shows there's a bad habit to be broken. No, not just quitting buying snacks at the vending machine. Ask yourself what stories you tell yourself to keep you where you are instead of progressing in your journey. Do you tell yourself that eating healthy is for people who have more time to plan? Deep down do you not believe you're worthy of that level of self care? It's time to figure out what narratives your living with. Once you do, you can spring into action!

What changes will you make this week? Tell me in the comments!

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