Weekly Tarot - Personal Magic: August 13, 2018

Big changes continue, especially in regards to career. This week, the Magician reappears for the third time in four weeks to guide us.

Decks : Radiant Rider Waite, Arcana of Astrology

Decks: Radiant Rider Waite, Arcana of Astrology

Energy surrounding the week: Venus reversed
Venus is the goddess of beauty as well as romantic love. She's very much focused on the physical realm - the aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. Since she's in the reversed position this week, it may be difficult to feel the comfort of pretty things. You may feel that your desire for material comforts (no shame in that, by the way!) are out of alignment with where your life is headed. Maybe you covet a sexy dress but find you have to put your money elsewhere. This can leave us feeling out of sorts. Remember to keep the long view in these moments. Stay graceful and gracious.

How to make this week a success: the Magician and 8 of Pentacles reversed
Mine the greatness within you to rein in the impulses that will undermine your growth. You're going to have to hold yourself accountable. You may feel a lack of ambition due to less than ideal circumstances. Alternatively, your sense of perfectionism may keep you from making meaningful progress. Dig deep. Find your motivation. Have faith in yourself above all else, including your circumstances. You are the one who will transform your situation this week, not someone else. What a badass! 

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