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All of the tarot questions you have been dying to ask.

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How does Tarot Work?

When someone requests a reading, I go to my designated Tarot space (next to my altar in my office) and spread out the cloth I embroidered myself. After I’ve created the space, I concentrate carefully on the client’s question while I shuffle then draw the cards. Before I begin interpreting, I take time to study the colors, symbols, and patterns that are in the cards. I use my intuition along with these other aspects of the cards to interpret the answers the Tarot provides.

Can Tarot tell my future?

Tarot does not predict a future that is fixed and unchanging. Instead, it sheds light on the outcome of a situation if things continue as they currently are. This is perhaps the most important point I can make; Tarot gives us the tools to make our lives better so that we are not mere victims of fate.

Can you remove a hex on me?

While I do not work with hexes or spells, I do offer insight on how people can improve their situations to achieve their goals. For example, I do not perform counterspells, but through the Tarot, I can help you figure out how to get your stagnant business moving again.

Why Choose Tarot

Tarot is a unique and exciting method of divination. Divination does not refer to predicting the future but rather to clarifying the source of a problem in order to find a solution. As Sasha Graham explains in Tarot Diva, “Tarot is a mirror always reflecting you back to yourself. Your joys, hardships, greatest accomplishments, deepest places, and lightest dreams are all there within seventy-eight cards.” Tarot clarifies the roots of what is keeping us from being our truest selves. What’s more it presents advice to help us use this information productively.

How can I become a tarot reader?

First, get a Tarot deck! Some people say you have to receive your deck as a gift, but that isn’t my experience. Then read some of the many wonderful books by authors such as Sasha Graham. There are helpful online forums as well, such as, for aspiring readers. The key is to engage with your cards through journaling, reading, etc. often so that you get to know them on a more intuitive level rather than memorizing meanings.

Can I meet you in person?

Currently, I only do online readings.

How often should I request a reading on the same issue?

Sometimes when people are very eager about a particular situation, they will request many readings on it. I do not recommend this as it will result in the same answers until there has been a significant change. Instead, I recommend that clients wait at least a month or until a significant change has occurred to request a second reading on an issue.

How can you do Tarot online?

Tarot readings work online as well as in person, Using meditation techniques, I clear my mind and focus on my clients question before shuffling. the deck. I create a ritual space with reading cloths, cards and crystals to keep the energy focused on my clients concerns. Inevitably, the universe responds.