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Tarot is a mirror always reflecting you back to yourself.Your joys, hardships, greatest accomplishments, deepest places, and lightest dreams are all there within 78 cards."
Sasha Graham -  Tarot Diva

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My tarot readings range from the classic Celtic cross to 20 cards custom spreads to meet your needs. See what we have to offer. 

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How can you do Tarot online?

Tarot readings work online as well as in person, Using meditation techniques, I clear my mind and focus on my clients question before shuffling. the deck. I create a ritual space with reading cloths, cards and crystals to keep the energy focused on my clients concerns. Inevitably, the universe responds. 

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My blog is home to my thoughts and musings about the tarot world. I am a full time teacher as well so keep an eye out over the summer and holidays for the most content!

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Tarot Professional

Marie has been provding clients near and far with insights that empower them to reach goals and meet th