Tarot Reading by Marie Lane

Tarot Reading by Marie Lane

from 25.00

I am currently traveling - All readings will be completed within 5 days of my return January 7th


I offer four levels of Tarot experiences and cater my reading to your specific question.

Beneath the surface Reading ($25) 

The basic reading includes a 4-card spread. This is best suited for relatively simple questions.

Example Question: What should I do to get on track with my health goals?

Fathom Reading ($40)

The medium reading includes a 7- or 8-card spread depending on the question. This reading is best suited for questions that require more examination than the basic reading. It may also be better for questions of a more time-sensitive nature.

Example Question: How do I approach my boss about a workplace issue that concerns me?  


Deep Dive Reading ($55)

The full reading includes a 9-10-card or classic Celtic Cross spread depending on the question. This reading is best suited for more complex questions that may require a deeper consideration of surrounding influences. I recommend this reading if you are beginning a new phase in your life (a new job, a partnership such as a marriage, buying a home, etc.) and want clarity on how you can be successful. This option also provides more room for examining influences of the past on current issues.  

Example Question: What can I do to ensure I make the best of my new job?

Twelve Moon Reading ($80)

The twelve moon reading includes a 15 card spread. This reading is designed to give you insight on what to expect in next 12 months!   

Example Question: What does 2016 hold for me?


** In order to maintain a positive life balance, all questions will be answered within 5 Business days ** 

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