How to Ask a Great Tarot Question

When composing your question, phrase it in an active, not a passive way. For example, instead of asking “Will I get my dream job?” ask “How can I get my dream?” This gives you the ability to control your outcome. Also make sure your question is in fact about one issue. I cannot answer questions about your career, romantic relationships, and family all in one 4-card spread. Confused questions result in a confused Tarot spread. If you would like help phrasing your question, please contact me through my contact page. Also see the FAQ page for further information.

Examples of Efffective Tarot Questions

Common Tarot Topics: love life, career, family

  • What do I most need to know about my [tarot topic]?
  • How can I move foward in my [tarot topic]?
  • I can go two ways. Bring me clarity on which way to go?
  • Where is love in my life?
  • What am I ignoring/not seeing?
  • How can I improve my ability to...
  • Can you give me insight into ...

These are just a few of many effective tarot questions!

Tarot Reading by Marie Lane
from 25.00

I am currently traveling - All readings will be completed within 5 days of my return January 7th


I offer four levels of Tarot experiences and cater my reading to your specific question.

Beneath the surface Reading ($25) 

The basic reading includes a 4-card spread. This is best suited for relatively simple questions.

Example Question: What should I do to get on track with my health goals?

Fathom Reading ($40)

The medium reading includes a 7- or 8-card spread depending on the question. This reading is best suited for questions that require more examination than the basic reading. It may also be better for questions of a more time-sensitive nature.

Example Question: How do I approach my boss about a workplace issue that concerns me?  


Deep Dive Reading ($55)

The full reading includes a 9-10-card or classic Celtic Cross spread depending on the question. This reading is best suited for more complex questions that may require a deeper consideration of surrounding influences. I recommend this reading if you are beginning a new phase in your life (a new job, a partnership such as a marriage, buying a home, etc.) and want clarity on how you can be successful. This option also provides more room for examining influences of the past on current issues.  

Example Question: What can I do to ensure I make the best of my new job?

Twelve Moon Reading ($80)

The twelve moon reading includes a 15 card spread. This reading is designed to give you insight on what to expect in next 12 months!   

Example Question: What does 2016 hold for me?


** In order to maintain a positive life balance, all questions will be answered within 5 Business days ** 

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