"Wow, Marie. I have to admit, I’ve always been skeptical of this sort of thing. I’m a scientist by trade - but I have had a growing sense that the world is much more than what I was taught to see. You really nailed many aspects of my situation and a fears - it kind of sucked the breath out of me. I will need to reread this several times and do some pretty deep soul searching. Thank you so much for the part you’ve played in what really feels to be a major shift in my brain and life."

- Sara, MA


Happy Clients


“Thank you so much for the reading and for your insight on what is happening within my life right now. I found the reading very perceptive, professional, and totally applicable to my life situation.” 

— Amy, Washington

“Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading and giving me insight on how to move forward with my situation. You clearly have intuited my situation.” 

- John, New York

“Your last reading for me turn out to be accurate. You are really gifted!” 

- Fidelis,Texas


"Marie! I just looked back at my 2017 year ahead spread and I wish I had reviewed it more regularity. You were spot on and even seemed to predict a new creative business I started in the last quarter of the year. Thank you again!"

- Tia, Louisiana